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Child Internet Safety: Event For Parents

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Child Internet Safety: Event For Parents


California Baptist University

Start Date/Time

1/11/2019 2:00 PM

End Date/Time

1/11/2019 5:00 PM

Type of Event

City Meetings


Catherine Coulson,,, 8153361529


The Internet is an excellent source of new knowledge, entertainment and interesting information. But at the same time, the network is fraught with many dangers. Remember that the safety of your children on the Internet, 90% depends on you. “IT Rate” and “Web Solutions” will help you to know the topic inside out and be ready to face all the possible issues. How to protect children from unwanted content on the Internet, how to set up a secure Internet, what is Cyberbullying and Malware - all parents, whose children have reached a certain age, face with these issues and the event will give you the answer to all these questions. Topics for the discussion: Unwanted content Online Dating Cyberbullying Cyber fraud Internet and gaming addiction Malware What to do if the child still faces any risks. To participate in the event, please fill in the registration form

Cost: Free

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